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The hard part is finding quality products to sell . . . and quantity.  I general, you will never get rich selling just one ebook.  No matter how many copies of the ebook you sell, you will always be leaving money on the table.

You need plenty of high quality products to sell on the front end AND the back end of your business... that is, you need more products to sell to your customers after they buy that first product from you.

Of course, you could spend the time and money to create all of these products yourself.  Or, you could spend the time (a lot of time, actually) and money to find quality products that have resell rights that you can turn around and sell to your current customers.

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Easy PR Booster

cover This is a powerful linking script that allows you to easily manage links across your entire site network. It gives you a great way to distribute page rank and increase the amount and frequency of visits by search engine spiders.
  • Simple and easy to use application that accurately automates the task of managing your links.

  • Gives you the data you need to monitor how and where your link is posted.

  • Ensures that you'll receive more viewer traffic because your link remains visible at other sites.

Email Protector

cover This is a very simple script that is used to safeguard your email address from Web based email harvesters. Instead of announcing the information in your form code, your email address is safely "hidden" in a separate PHP file. You can easily edit the contact page to match the look and feel of your website as well as change or add any wording that you feel is necessary.
  • A few minutes of your time permanently and effectively prevents spambots from capturing your email address.

  • Gives you the ability to quickly and easily include a standard contact form that can't be "hacked".

My Ad Rotator

cover This is a simple and effective script that will rotate text ads on an unlimited number of web pages. In order to display the ads, you simply add the include code within your web page source exactly where you want the ads to appear.
  • Gives you the ability to generate more advertising revenue by displaying diverse and unique ads.

  • Provides a simple and effective means of supplying fresh and updated web page content.

  • Allows you to easily rotate as many ads as you want - conveniently add or remove content from one file location.

Intelligent 404

cover With this script you can quickly and easily put a stop to 404 errors. The specific reason I created this script was to make certain I wasn't losing customers, orders, etc. The way it works is pretty straight forward... if it doesn't find the page it was looking for, it will simply redirect the surfer to your home page.
  • Eliminating 404 errors eliminates the risk of having your page de-listed or your website rank lowered by search engines.

  • Intelligently turns a potentially harmful 404 error page into a helpful and safe redirect.

  • Search engine friendly so you won't get penalized for redirecting to an alternative page.

  • Automatically keeps your entire website 404 error free - without being visible to search engine crawlers and site visitors.

Blogging Ninja

cover This is a powerful script that makes it super easy to create and maintain an unlimited number of blogs. Plus, it allows you the ability to fully customize the look and feel of your blog pages as well as define ads that get displayed at the top and bottom of the page (perfect for making money with AdSense).
  • Provides you with an unlimited supply of fresh and relevant blog content.

  • Gives you the ability to get your pages listed in the major search engines quicker and more efficiently.

  • Using RSS feeds means that your content will be constantly updated and all taken care of automatically.

  • Built-in blog means you don't have to take the time to install independent software.

  • Easily customize the look and feel of your blog pages by changing the header, site and background color, and blog title.

  • Allows you to input and then ping services so they are alerted whenever you post something to your blog.

  • CRON capability gives you the ability to determine exactly when content is delivered to each of your blogs.

  • A constant supply of ongoing quality content brings in more viewer traffic which results in more Googe Adsense revenue.

Content Maximizer

cover The purpose of this script is to allow users to create and manage text "snippets" that will randomly rotate text on their web pages. It can be used by you personally or you can run it as a membership site (which is basically what it was designed to do).
  • Perform management tasks from a convenient administration area - includes adding and removing users, exporting user lists, and viewing usage stats.

  • Gives you the ability to generate substantial income simply by selling user memberships.

  • A convenient and time-saving method of creating and organizing content for your blog and website pages.

Synonym Miner

cover This SEO friendly script takes any sentence, article, or text you have and quickly creates hundreds of variations. This allows you to have a relatively endless supply of unique content that can be used throughout your websites. Include code is generated which you then insert into your web page source where you would like content to be displayed.
  • Fast and easy method of creating, expanding, and managing countless categories of content.

  • Gives you the option of choosing from several different update frequencies - static, each second, each minute, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

  • Provides a simple and efficient method of developing countless variations of any given phrase or sentence.

  • Individual script installation allows you to use the program on as many different websites as you like.

Traffic Scorpion

cover This script is used for quickly creating optimized pages on your website. An advanced CRON feature allows it to be set up to automatically add more pages each day, allowing your site to grow "naturally" over time. Just upload it to your server and access it through admin. In creating pages it uses pre-defined templates that can be fully customized for layout and design.
  • Allows you to quickly create an unlimited number of optimized pages in order to attract an unlimited amount of targeted viewers.

  • Having exact control over when and how many pages are added to your website keeps you on the good side of search engines.

  • Page templates can be fully and easily customized to match the look and feel of your site.

  • Helps drive massive amounts of highly targeted traffic to your website.

  • Driven by keywords you choose, you'll always be guaranteed visitors who are directly interested in what you have to offer.

  • Gives you the ability to create dozens or even thousands of pages that are highly optimized for search engine benefit.

  • Web based system means you can handle all the page creation tasks more efficiently from a central administration area.

Modal Popup Maker

cover This is a desktop utility that gives you the ability to create popups that are capable of getting past most popup blockers. Simple, yet very effective. All you need to do is input the height, width, and URL address of an existing popup in the three form fields. Click preview (to make sure it looks ok) and then click on "Get Code". Once you copy and paste the generated code into the BODY tag of your web page, you're done.
  • Gives you the power to get your ad or subscription box delivered as well as acted upon.

  • Lets you enjoy a renewed increase in sales, commissions, and subscription signups.

  • Since it can't be stopped by most popup blockers, almost every visitor to your website will be able to see your ad.

Project Manager

cover A software utility that's used to manage all of your projects. No matter how many projects you're working on, you'll remain focused. The primary purpose is to allow you to create a list of tasks or use a predefined list in order to track the progress of the project more easily and effectively.
  • Saves you a considerable amount of time by keeping all your projects in order.

  • Comes preloaded with a common list of work tasks which can be fully customized - simply edit, add, or remove any items you like.

  • Allows you to load and save individual projects - no matter how many things you're working on you'll always remain focused.

  • Convenient progress bar lets you know exactly how much work has been completed.

Testimonial Tool

cover This software makes it easy to store and find all of your testimonials. You can also generate the HTML code for your web pages. Each testimonial can be stored with the product name it's associated with, the person giving the testimonial, their website and email address. You can add/store an unlimited number of products with an unlimited number of testimonials. It also allows you to easily and quickly customize the look and feel of the published testimonial.
  • Gives a solid and convenient method of recording and managing all your customer comments and testimonials.

  • Simple yet effective system lets you store any and all relevant information - making it much easier to keep track of.

  • Built-in HTML generator saves you even more time and energy - just copy and paste the code into your web pages.

Xyber Brander

cover Gives you the ability to add an HTML advertisement to any .EXE software. This is a great way to generate leads and increase sales for your Internet business. You simply brand and then distribute your branded .EXE software. Your advertisement will be displayed in a pop-up window on the end user's computer screen once they install and/or run the branded software.
  • Allows you to quickly and easily maximize the power of your marketing and promotion.

  • Gives you the ability to take full advertising advantage of any freeware software that you distribute to your viewers or customers.

  • Turns any EXE file into a massive promotion machine - for any product your choose.

Keyword Harvester

cover This is a simple and effective research tool that gets keyword data from Overture and allows you to quickly build and export keyword lists. You can alphabetize the keywords (or choose not to) and ignore results that include more than five words.
  • Gives you the ability to quickly build hundreds of targeted keyword lists for all your niche markets.

  • Know at a glance which keywords are worth targeting and which ones should be ignored.

  • Quickly and easily locate thousands of profitable keywords that can drive unlimited targeted visitors to your websites.

Keyword Ninja

cover This is keyword software that finds synonyms and gets keyword data from Overture. It also gets related keywords from sites listed on Google and Yahoo. You can either enter a "starting" keyword manually or download an existing keyword list.
  • Quickly and easily create keyword lists that contain all possible combinations based on the phrases you query.

  • Provides the ability to easily compile lists of keywords that aren't being monopolized by your competitors.

Keyword Tool

cover The purpose of this is to generate multiple combinations of keywords which you can further filter and then create a final "Master" list. The list can either be saved or exported as a file. This is one program you definitely need to use in order to fully appreciate!
  • Intelligently generates keyword phrases based on the individually related words that you input.

  • Allows you to quickly and easily develop advanced keyword lists that can put you way ahead of your competitors.

  • Helps you locate "hidden" niche markets that can highly increase your Adsense revenue.

List Cleaner

cover This is an extremely fast utility that can "clean" your keyword list in one second. It removes duplicates, blank spaces, any keyword containing . ' , - & / www, and keyword phrases that are longer than five words. It also sorts alphabetically.
  • Allows you to take any number of existing keyword lists and "fix" them in record time.

  • Guarantees you have a clean and foolproof keyword list before using it to generate massive website pages.

AdWord Analyst

cover This easy to use software can help you quickly and easily analyze all of your AdWords campaigns.

Know at-a-glance if your campaigns are making money or costing you a small fortune in losses.

Competition Equalizer

cover This software gives you the ability to instantly uncover your competitors best performing Google ads and keywords and then use the information to dominate your niche. With all the ads in one place, you can export them, swipe the best parts, and create the most effective ad. You'll know within minutes what the saturation of any given market is (letting you know if you should get in or stay out).
  • Reveal who your competition is (from strongest to weakest) in any market - so you know within seconds who your main targets are or the people you should turn into your allies.

  • Uncover how much work a market is going to take in order to turn a profit and which ones can quickly and easily be dominated.

  • Get instant product research into any market where you want to uncover people's deepest unsatisfied wants - so you effortlessly know what type of product or service is likely to sell like crazy.

  • Generate keywords with a built-in tool that allows you to investigate any market in minutes, even if you don't have a clue about it.

  • Import your keywords from a text file or an existing Pay-Per-Click campaign to instantly determine your AdWords competition's strength.

  • Open up your competitors websites with the click of a button to reveal all their marketing strategies in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

  • Reveal all your competitors ads in one place so you can export them, swipe the best parts, and create the ultimate ad that out-pulls them all.

Conversion Equalizer

cover This software gives you the ability to create custom landing pages for Google AdWords on the fly that will drive your conversion ratios to their highest level. No matter what keyword the viewer used to get to your page, that's the keyword they'll see throughout the content. Even if you bid on 100 different keywords, Conversion Equalizer automatically and individually targets your landing page to each of them.
  • Turns each of your landing pages into an exact match for whatever search the viewer happened to be conducting.

  • Automatic targeting capability prevents viewers from immediately backing out of your landing page.

  • Allows you to create a single landing page that is 100% effective for dozens (or even hundreds) of different keywords.

  • Guarantees that your landing pages will be the most effective and solid method of increasing your conversion rates.

Article Analyzer

cover This is a simple tool to make sure your articles have the exact keyword density for top rankings. Allows you to open an existing article or write or copy/paste one into the program interface. Analysis will tell you the word count of the article, the number of times a chosen word or phrase occurs throughout the content, and the density percentage. It has a built in spell check feature and the article can be saved in either .txt or HTML format.
  • Allows you to quickly "test" all your articles prior to publishing them on the web.

  • Guarantees that your density will be accurate and search engine approved for any given keyword.

  • Gives you the ability to easily check for and then correct any spelling errors that might exist.

PPC Campaign Calculator

cover This calculator is a simple tool that provides powerful information. Basically, it helps you work out the profit potential of any pay-per-click advertising campaign where you're getting paid per sale or per lead. By filling in a few form fields, it will quickly calculate the estimated number of sales and total income you'll make, the total amount you'll spend on advertising, the total profit (or loss) you'll experience, the total profit (or loss) per click, and the total percentage of profit per click.
  • Quickly and easily find out just how profitable (or costly) your pay-per-click advertising campaign will be.

  • Gives you the ability to know ahead of time what type of pay-per-click results you'll achieve.

  • Fast and simple data analysis means you can accurately make any necessary adjustments based on your sales to visitor ratio.

Article Indexer

cover This takes your articles in text format and automatically converts them into HTML pages. The templates are fully customizable. Options include alphabetizing articles, choosing desired extensions and background colors, displaying the home page URL on articles and index pages, and choosing if you want to display snippets of the articles within the index.
  • Advanced template system allows you to create and store any number of page templates with custom variables (tokens).

  • Gives you the ability to create, store, and utilize templates for both article pages and article indexes.

  • Provides a convenient option of determining how much (or how little) will be displayed on the article index pages.

Google Rank Analyzer

cover A simple utility that queries Google for web page rankings based on keywords that you input. It's a quick and effective method of determining where any site ranks in Google for any given keyword. Data you'll receive includes the keyword or search phrase used in your query, the position and exact page that appears on Google, the title and description of the page, and the URL address listed on Google.
  • Let's you easily and quickly evaluate the level of competition for any given search term.

  • Gives you the ability to find quality link partners that can boost the amount of traffic you receive.

Link Partner Analyzer

cover This unique software gives you the ability to compare your site's linking campaign to any of your competitors. Simply enter your own URL address and that of a competitor. The program will list all URLs, their individual page rank, and whether they link to you (displayed in blue) or your competitor (displayed in red).
  • Increase your own linking power by easily locating "hot" web sites that link to your competitors.

  • Gives you the ability to locate super affiliates who are promoting your competitors products and services.

Instant Content Creator

cover This software will guide you step-by-step through the entire process of creating your own article. Includes brainstorming topics, page templates, a title, the article itself, author's byline, and optional product link, keywords, and description. The finished article can be exported to text or HTML and a built-in FTP feature allows you to easily upload article pages to your server.
  • Makes it a lot more convenient to quickly and easily step up the amount of articles you produce.

  • Increase your visibility and traffic by giving search engines more of the quality content they're looking for.

  • Gain countless backlinks by supplying and distributing articles that other webmasters and ezine owners can publish.

My Blog Announcer

cover Software that automatically pings blog search engines to get your blogs indexed much faster in the search engines. Just add your blog URLs and then add or remove ping services (the program comes pre-loaded with several services). Whenever you update your blog content, the program will automatically run all blogs to all ping services with the click of a button.
  • Guarantees that your latest blog content will be "distributed" as soon as possible.

  • Keeps all the most important services up-to-date on what you've posted to your blogs.

  • Saves time and energy that can be better spent performing other important webmaster tasks.

My RSS Converter

cover An HTML to RSS converter than can generate the RSS feed out of any web page. Perfect for both beginner and advanced users. Takes you through the process step by step. All you have to do is fill in some blanks.
  • Allows you to convert pages that are either online or located on your computer.

  • Optional "smart" technology allows you to strip HTML tags in order to retain strict RSS syntax.

  • Get more targeted viewer traffic by syndicating the quality content from your web pages.

PR Ninja

cover This allows you to quickly and easily find relevant, high quality sites for you to exchange links with, email the webmaster of each of those sites to request a link exchange, keep your link pages updated and make certain each site you've exchanged links with continues to link back to your site. It has a built-in FTP client and a link page generator with templates you can customize. Basically, it provides you with an all-in-one link manager while at the same time taking all the hard work out of building your link network.
  • Effectively searches the Web to locate countless sites that are relevant to your own and carry high page ranks.

  • Saves you a huge amount of time by performing most of the link generating tasks for you.

  • Provides the ability to build and manage your link network using one convenient and powerful program.

  • Gives you a fast and easy method of gaining quality links that can improve your search engine rank.

  • Allows you to automatically monitor each of your link partners to make certain the link they've provided is still in place and active.

Find and Replace

cover This tool is useful for batch replacing data in files to help you edit documents in a snap. One, enter the text you want to find. Two, enter the replacement text. Three, select the files you want text replaced in. When you're ready, click Replace. There is also a Convert to Unix feature that will fix CGI files.
  • Saves countless hours that you would normally spend manually editing and updating your files.

  • Allows you to quickly and easily locate text or information anywhere on your computer or web server.

  • Optional backup feature ensures that you don't lose any data while replacing text.

  • Automatically takes out any blank spaces that can prevent CGI scripts from functioning.

FTP Uploader

cover An FTP client that is used for uploading large amounts of files to your website without getting disconnected. If you're uploading a directory that has subfolders, the program will create the folders on your server and upload them accordingly. The count feature lets you know the number of files as well as the common size of files.
  • Saves a tremendous amount of time when uploading hundreds or even thousands of program generated pages.

  • Allows you the option of specifying the number of attempts so that any failed transfers will automatically be repeated.

Merge Articles

cover This is a useful program that gives you the ability to merge together multiple articles in .txt format in order to create one large article for use in text rotators and other tools. Choose the input folder (which contains all the .txt articles you want to merge together) and the target folder (where the "master" article will be placed after it's created).
  • Quickly and efficiently takes any articles or blocks of content and "merges" them into one file.

  • Automatically uses break point tokens that specify where each individual article or content block begins and ends.

  • Allows you to rename the break point token so that it will work with whatever rotator utility you're using.

Site Searcher

cover This handy software allows you to spider any website and find a keyword phrase or URL. It returns a list of pages matching your search.
  • Provides a fast and easy method of locating all instances of a specific phrase within all the pages of a website.

  • Search options allow you to establish how deep and how far the spider should go - maximum depth, current directory, entire site.

Xyber Email Assistant

cover Helps you create a database on your PC of frequently asked questions and answers to streamline handling customer support emails. The program includes two separate areas. The pane on the left is for creating and organizing topics (includes a menu for creating both topics and questions). The pane on the right is for organizing answers to the questions.
  • Allows you to create and manage any number of questions and answers for any number of websites or topics.

  • Provides you with the ability to efficiently handle a larger volume of email responses.

  • Built-in search feature allows you to quickly and easily locate specific items within all the topics and questions.

That's a total of 33  hot software programs that you can resell for 100% profits! Now let's add 15 great ebooks...

Affiliate Marketing

cover How to improve results and increase your affiliate revenue. Here's just a small sample of things you'll discover in this report...

  • What "super" affiliates do that could easily increase your existing affiliate revenue by 200%.

  • How to choose the right products and programs, ones that are guaranteed to start generating substantial affiliate income.

  • If all you're doing is directing targeted traffic through your affiliate sales link, you're losing money - learn how to do it the right way.

  • The six most important and highly effective methods of outselling other affiliates.

  • The one advantage ClickBank has over any other affiliate program and why you should make it your number one priority.

  • What you can do to reach an unlimited number of people who are highly interested in the type of products you're promoting.

  • The perfect money-making combination - one that is guaranteed to bring the highest results for the least amount of work.

Blogging Your Way To Financial Success

cover Teaches you how to make money over an extended period of time by creating and maintaining an unlimited number of blogs. Includes everything you need to know about blogs and how to get the most benefit from them. Takes you through the entire process, from setting up your blog to marketing and promoting it effectively. Outlines the maximum method of implementing Google Adsense and how to use blogs to attract search engine spiders. Also includes a segment on using a MyYahoo account to gain even more search engine recognition.
  • The best way to get your blog published and how to set it up for maximum results.

  • The one thing your blog absolutely must have - without it you'll never be able to achieve financial success.

  • What you need to do even before you get a blog up and running - if you bypass this critical step you could be setting yourself up for instant failure.

  • How to determine what niche markets will generate the most amount of income and how to locate them.

  • The "secret" settings that highly successful bloggers use in order to guarantee they'll get the greatest amount of search engine value.

  • How to use keywords to your best advantage and where you need to place them for maximum benefit.

  • The four most effective methods that you can implement in order to generate the largest number of targeted viewers.

  • What type of income generators you should incorporate into your blog and how to make them extremely productive.

  • Step by step process for getting more of your blog pages spidered and indexed quickly.

  • ... and much much more!

Blog Operations

cover How to get the most benefit and profit from owning and maintaining blogs. Here's just a small sample of things you'll discover in this report...

  • The most effective and profitable method of publishing your blog and it won't cost you a dime.

  • How you can get unlimited free content for your blog - and it doesn't require any work on your part!

  • The one thing you can do to attract unlimited and loyal readers who will keep coming back week after week.

  • The primary reason most blogs fail and what you can do to ensure that your blog is a major success.

  • Tricks of the trade you need to implement in order to make absolutely certain your blog content is search engine friendly.

  • The most effective method you can use to get other website owners to promote your blog and its content.

  • Where and how to put Google Adsense code on your blog pages that will bring you the highest number of viewer clicks.

Content Management Solutions

cover All the information you need to supply quality content to your websites. Here's just a small sample of things you'll discover in this report...

  • The sales letter formula that gets the best results, guaranteed to turn browsers into buyers.

  • How to make absolutely certain you capture the viewer's attention within the first few seconds of landing on your web page.

  • What you should never do when writing sales copy - it's a mistake many webmasters make, even seasoned marketers.

  • How to write the kind of sales content that makes your prospective buyer feel like they can't get to the order button fast enough.

  • The best and most effective method to bring in unlimited targeted viewer traffic for years to come.

  • The way to get your articles distributed faster and to more destinations while at the same time scoring big search engine points.

  • What you should never do when including RSS feeds on your website - it can actually cancel out the benefit of having updated content.

Joint Ventures

cover What you need to do in order to have financially successful joint venture partnerships. Here's just a small sample of things you'll discover in this report...

  • Who to team up with in order to generate large sums of income faster and more effectively.

  • How to create the kind of profit streams that you can continue to receive automatically on an ongoing basis.

  • How to promote your product to highly targeted mailing lists with no out-of-pocket expense.

  • The best type of joint venture partnership and why you should spend most of your time and energy trying to develop them.

  • The one thing you can do to guarantee the most successful and lucrative joint ventures.

  • Why the subject line of a joint venture proposal can make or break the deal and how to create one that will always get your message read.

  • Where you can find an unlimited number of valuable JV products and partners - simply by investing a few minutes of your time.

Maximize Your AdSense CTR

cover The purpose of this ebook to is to help you optimize the AdSense ads on your websites and increase your AdSense revenue by increasing the number of clicks you receive. It provides valuable and important step-by-step tips and advice for improving your click-thru ratio.
  • The five "keys" to maximizing revenue with Google AdSense - implement all five and you're guaranteed to generate substantial income.

  • What you should never do if you want Google to approve your web pages for ads placement.

  • What each and every one of your pages should be centered around and how to make it work for you.

  • The two must-have programs that can cut your work down to a mere fraction of the time it takes to create pages and add content manually (you'll be able to create as many as 1,000 pages an hour).

  • The type of keywords that can guarantee you four to five times as much revenue for the same number of ad clicks.

  • How to gain the highest paying keywords while at the same time maintaining a relevant theme throughout your site.

  • Learn exactly how and where to place AdSense ads to get the maximum click results you want.

  • How to make absolutely certain Google is capable of spidering all your pages.

  • ... and a lot more, including a dozen killer tips that will help give you even more financial success!

Newsletter Publications

cover Everything involved in publishing your own newsletter from guidelines and tips to making certain your subscribers receive their issues. Here's just a small sample of things you'll discover in this report...

  • How to develop a newsletter that your readers will be hungry to devour from top to bottom.

  • What you should avoid when writing your newsletter - it could mean the difference between having your publication read and having it sent to the trash bin.

  • How you can easily create a cache of quality information and content that you can dig into any time you want (or need).

  • Why having a signup form isn't enough - what you can and should do to "force" viewers into subscribing to your newsletter.

  • The one thing you should do each and every time you send out a new issue of your newsletter (or any important email message).

  • Simple things you can do to ensure that your newsletter is more popular and widely read than competitive publications.

  • The most effective method of publishing your newsletter - using it can easily save you hours of otherwise wasted time and energy.

Opt-In Mailing Lists

cover All the information you need to know in order to build a large and profitable mailing list. Here's just a small sample of things you'll discover in this report...

  • Find out where and how to place your subscription form in order to convert the largest number of visitors to subscribers.

  • What you should look for in a mailing list system and why choosing the wrong one could cost you substantial signups.

  • The type of messages that are almost guaranteed to cost you the trust and support of your mailing list members.

  • How to make certain your subscribers have a strong interest in your market and will always be anxious and willing to receive messages from you.

  • How you can use other people's newsletters to help you get more publicity and subscribers of your own.

  • Why giving something free in exchange for names and email addresses could prove to be the worse thing you can do.

  • Five major list-building methods that you can easily implement, ones that will cause a substantial rise in the number of mailing list signups you receive.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

cover How to make the most of all your pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Here's just a small sample of things you'll discover in this report...

  • The one thing that's critical to the success of a pay-per-click campaign - neglect it and you risk spending a lot more money than you need to.

  • The best way to start driving unlimited targeted traffic right away - from the moment you first publish your ads.

  • How you can zero in on individuals who have a specific problem or need that you or your product can satisfy.

  • How to select the best keywords, ones that can put your campaigns way out in front of your competition.

  • The type of ads that will weed out casual browsers while at the same time cause serious buyers to click over to your website.

  • What you should always include in a pay-per-click ad and how it can make any one of your campaigns even more profitable.

  • Why most pay-per-click campaigns fail and what you can do to guarantee that it won't happen to you.

Profit Equalizer

cover Teaches you a proven system for developing digital products that has never failed to generate constant and steady streams of income. Includes a step-by-step process of creating and selling products online. How to do it the right way and then duplicate the system over and over again in order to continue generating substantial income year after year.
  • Learn the precise and specific sequence of events that needs to be followed in order to generate unlimited income.

  • The two things you absolutely must adhere to - ignoring these will prevent you from ever reaching financial success.

  • How to get started on the right foot so that your business can be easily and soundly developed and expanded.

  • The easiest way to earn money online and the exact steps that you need to take one at a time.

  • How to determine what areas of interest consumers are hungry for, ones that will bring in the most profit.

  • What type of research can get you the best results and how to conduct it properly.

  • The three characteristics a keyword must have in order to qualify as a candidate for generating substantial income.

  • How to locate and select the best affiliate products and where to invest most of your time and effort.

  • The mistake most "amateurs" make when pursuing a joint venture and how to guarantee that your proposals will be accepted.

  • The one "secret" all super affiliates rely on in order to bring in huge amounts of income year after year.

  • ... and a lot more!

SEO Strategies - Part One

cover Includes all the basic search engine strategies you need to implement. Here's just a small sample of things you'll discover in this report...

  • Three things that can prevent your website from ever getting listed in the major search engines.

  • How to convince the owners of high-traffic sites into giving you a prominent one-way link back to your web page.

  • How and where to place keywords in order to get the most credit and value from search engine spiders.

  • The one thing that both viewers and search engines are hungry for and how you can easily give it to them.

  • How backlinks should be configured and where they should be placed in order to give you the best results.

  • Why reciprocal links can do more harm than good and what you can do to turn things around.

  • The type of links that give you the most search engine benefit while raising your page rank and traffic level at the same time.

SEO Strategies - Part Two

cover Includes everything related to search engine strategy from a Google point of view. Here's just a small sample of things you'll discover in this report...

  • Why it's important to shoot for the number one search engine results position but not critical that you land there.

  • The two things your website absolutely needs to accomplish once you've targeted a specific keyword.

  • How to design your pages for both viewers and search engine spiders - without sacrificing the quality of your content.

  • The type of pages you should never build - unless you're actually trying to keep from getting listed with the major search engines.

  • Things you should be doing in order to guarantee that all your pages can be crawled and are search engine friendly.

  • What you can do to quickly and easily "steal" a higher results position away from your competitor.

  • How to get your hands on valuable free tools that can help you get better search engine results (few webmasters bother to take advantage of them).

Traffic Generation

cover The most popular and effective methods of generating more targeted traffic. Here's just a small sample of things you'll discover in this report...

  • The one guaranteed and most effective method of receiving substantial targeted viewers almost immediately.

  • A zero-cost method of generating quality traffic that can keep producing solid results for years to come.

  • The 14 best ways to bring in an unlimited number of viewers who are highly interested in what you have to offer.

  • How to use other people's blogs to send massive amounts of targeted viewers to your own web pages.

  • A traffic generating method that is highly effective and yet few webmasters and marketers ever use it to their advantage.

  • A fool-proof method that you only need to implement one time and it will continue to bring in unlimited traffic indefinitely.

  • How to get high-ranking authority sites to link to specific pages of your website using keyword rich text.

Viral Marketing

cover Covers the best and most productive viral marketing techniques and how to implement them. Here's just a small sample of things you'll discover in this report...

  • What every viral marketing technique or campaign needs in order to be highly successful and generate the best possible results.

  • Two modern, cutting-edge viral marketing methods that you should begin taking advantage of right away.

  • What you should never ask viewers to do when you're distributing free ebooks - it could cause your entire viral campaign to stop dead in its tracks.

  • How to easily and quickly create quality ebooks that other webmasters will be eager to distribute to their own viewers.

  • The one thing you need in order to gain the highest advantage when writing and distributing articles and how to do it.

  • The two characteristics every free ebook must have in order to make certain it gets actively and agreesively passed along to other readers.

  • One of the most effective methods of viral marketing that will also generate counless quality backlinks automatically.

Website Design and Development

cover How to create the most professional, effective, and profit-pulling Web pages. Here's just a small sample of things you'll discover in this report...

  • Three of the most important characteristics of any sales letter and how to implement them.

  • What should be at the top of your priority list - without it, you risk having viewers leave your website never to return.

  • What you need to do to make absolutely certain all your pages are spidered by major search engines and subsequently indexed.

  • How and where you should place Google Adsense blocks in order to generate the highest number of clicks.

  • How to choose and place links that give the impression they're part of the website navigation and not separate and independent Adsense ads.

  • What you need to do in order to determine exactly what Adsense ads will give you the best possible results.

  • The one thing you can easily add to your website that will keep viewers on your website longer which will result in more sales and more mailing list signups.
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    7-Day Workshop to Set Up Your Business (Personal Rights Only)

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    We're including a 7-day workshop on video to take you step-by-step through the process of setting up your reseller business online.

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